Sign Advice


When you are considering what you need in terms of signage, here are a few pointers from the questions we’ve been regularly asked over the years.

Shop Signs: –  Generally speaking, simpler is cheaper, but don’t confuse ‘simple’ with ‘boring’. Simple in this case is much more about the actual construction of the sign. With modern full colour print options, the actual face of the sign can have all kinds of style happening!

Vehicle Graphics:- When thinking about vehicle livery, consider the location on the vehicle you want the graphic. Does your planned graphic go across panels or swage lines? And check both sides of the vehicle. Do you have a van with a sliding door? What happens on the other side of the van? And where’s the fuel cap?

Full Colour Print:- Our large format printers can print up to 1300mm wide in one sheet. If you need something wider, we can split the print accordingly.

Window graphics:- Graphics can go either on the inside, or the outside of glass. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, sometimes it’s crucial, but make sure you know in your own head where the graphic needs to go.


For any other questions or queries you may have related to your sign project, please feel free to contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page.